Stefano Ghilardi

Creativity and great attention to details, this is the spirit of Stefano Ghilardi collection. A brand that is named after its designer, who has been able to make a bag becoming an icon of style and the main feature of every woman.

A clever combination of art and business, creativity and imagination, but also reality and determination: these are the strengths of the brand.

The love for leather wear is in the family: Stefano’s father started his business in the 80’s and Stefano has reinvented it, according to his personality and eagerness for innovation.

The same innovation that can be found in his manufacturing techniques and in the materials used, which are always modern and constantly evolving.

Thanks to his creativity and the constant search for contents, which are also inspired by Steampunk, Stefano has become a designer capable of creating collections that embody his style, passion and strong personality.

The woman “Stefano Ghilardi” is fashionable, elegant and ready to rock at the same time.

Stefano’s success comes from always following the current trend, without giving up femininity and a unique identity.